Maple Cream Ale

Lovingly brewed with Quebec maple syrup, King Beaver Maple Cream Ale is the perfect treat for a Montreal spring day. This light brown cream ale with a fluffy tan head has a subtle maple aroma and taste that will leave you dreaming of tir-a-sucre. Combined with Cascade, Saaz and Tettnang hops that ground you in beer drinking reality.

The maple syrup not only adds complexity to this smooth and silky ale but also increases the gravity of the beer to warm you up and melt the snow left over from winter.

6.9% ABV    15.7 SRM
28.9 IBU    198 Calories per 12 oz.

Food pairing recommendation: Pork rinds, pork sausage.
Glassware recommendation: Tulip or pint glass.
Tasting notes: Maple aroma, woody, sweet, spicy hops.

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